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MOVIES SO SUBTLE IT'S BLATANT -- a network of filmmakers, actors, editors and sound designers dedicated to developing new work using digital technology, guerrilla tactics, and credit cards. Made by up-and-coming filmmakers and actors who have gotten lost, wish they could sell out, and couldn't care less about love... these are movies that resent the phrase "coming of age."

Blatantly Subtle Productions has wrapped production on HOW I GOT LOST a feature film shot in April-May 2008 in New York City and St. Louis, Missouri. The feature film, with a terrific cast including Aaron Stanford, Jacob Fishel, Rosemarie DeWitt and Nicole Vicius, was shot on the RED camera. For filmmakers and producers it's a good time -- it's the wild west. Since 2001 the Blatantly Subtle collective has produced and screened films based on the belief that if you want to make movies, you should.

Blatantly Subtle recently completed post-production on their first feature film, SONS OF LIBERTY and opened blatantly subtle POST, a full-service HD post-production office in Hollywood.






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