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Outlier (trailer)
A Eric Thompson and Patrick McNair Movie

When four travelers on the run break down in the small town of Goshen, none of them expect to end up staying there permanently. But as mysterious circumstances continually prevent them from leaving, the eerie little town begins to draw each character in, tempting them with their deepest and most secret desires. As the evil of Goshen begins to reveal itself, each character must make a choice: stay with their dreams, or escape with lives.

Run Time: 2 mins 0 secs

Cast/Crew: Starring Simon Sorrells, Megan Bass-Jackson, Josh Mills, John F. Henry II, Erica Braun, Daeg Farech, and Chelsea Wright. Director of Photography Mike McCaffrey. Editor Joe Miale. Produced by Zach Evans, Valarie Majalca, and Drew Masters. Directed by Joe Leonard.

OUTLIER is a feature-length horror script by Eric Thompson and Patrick McNair that has been optioned by producers Zach Evans and Drew Masters. The producers are seeking investors for this unique and disturbing supernatural thriller.

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It's a nice little town... once it gets in your blood.

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